Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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All Racers
  • Any type of canoe or kayak except an inflatable is allowed.
  • Any type of paddle is allowed.
  • A USCG approved PFD must be in the canoe for each paddler. USAT rules apply.  See USAT for details.
  • Mandatory time cutoff: All teams must finish both the run and bike within 3 hours.
  • Solo paddlers under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while paddling. The accompanying adult must paddle a separate canoe.
Tandem Teams
  • Both team members must paddle together in the same canoe or kayak.
  • One team member runs, the other cycles.
  • Both team members running and biking is NOT allowed.
  • Both team members must tag the canoe before the canoe can be moved.
Relay Teams
  • 1 team member runs, 1 team member bikes, 1 team member canoes
  • All relay team members must physically tag in the bike transition area for ALL transitions.  The runner tags the cyclist in the bike transition area.  The cyclist tags the paddler in the bike transition area.  The paddler then must run to the canoe.